As you see, I posted an entry earlier today that had nothing but the title of the post and the Scripture for the post.

As I went through the rest of my day, I was kicking myself for prematurely posting this entry. I was using my Android phone to create the post, and I inadvertently hit the wrong button.

However, while eating dinner and then running my son around to a couple of things he had going on tonight, I got to thinking about the subject of the post…”The Sabbath.” And I couldn’t help but thinking, “God, did you do that on purpose?” I had entered only the Scripture about the Sabbath, and then “accidentally” hit post.

Or did I?

The more I reflected, the more I thought it actually pretty fitting that the only thing in the post was the description of God’s establishment of the Day of Rest.

So, I leave the post as-is. We’ll move on to the rest of Genesis 2 tomorrow night, but for now, let’s just┬átake some time for personal reflection on the meaning of the Sabbath, the Day of Rest, established and blessed by our Father. We’ll talk about the Sabbath sometime in the future.

See you tomorrow!